Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I recently purchased a theater, how do I get movies?

A: If you have recently gained ownership of a movie theater, getting movies is your main priority. The first step is to find a film buyer to book the movies for you. Although you can certainly book movies directly with the film companies, many theater operators find that the time, logistics and effort can be daunting.

Q2: What do film buyers do?

A: Film buyers represent their clients in negotiations with film companies. They do so by negotiating what films will be played in which theaters, the duration of exhibition and on what terms the film rental will be billed at. We accomplish this by being informed about all upcoming movies and establishing solid relationships and reputations with film companies.

Q3: Film Buyer, Film Booker, Movie Booker, Movie Broker, Film Broker. What do you call yourself?

A: Clark Film Buying uses the traditional Film Buyer title but all the others still describe aspects of what we do and can be used as well.

Q4: Are film buyers involved in other aspects of theater management?

A: For the most part, no. Although there are some exceptions, Film Buyers are not usually involved in other aspects of theater management, such as: payroll, advertising, marketing, food and beverage service, cleaning, security services, maintenance or banking. Clark Film Buying does not get involved in any other aspect of theater management other than acquiring the licensing of movies.

Q5: What kind of movies does Clark Film Buying book?

A: Clark Film Buying books any First Run, Intermediate, Sub Run, Independent, Art and Documentary movies that are available in Theatrical Distribution that the client needs. Clark Film Buying can also help with booking alternative content.

Q6: I’m a movie producer, how can I get you to distribute my movie?

A: Clark Film Buying does not engage in the distribution of independent films but if you’re acting as a distributor then we can license your independent film if our clients choose to show it.

Q7: What services does Clark Film Buying bring to the table that are different from their competitors?

A: At Clark Film Buying, we create a relationship with our clients. We work in an environment in which communication is valued highly and the client holds the final decision on film bookings. Clark Film Buying’s role is to gather as much information for the client as possible so that the client is comfortable with all booking decisions. Many clients come to us feeling that their opinions do not matter and are looking to gain more control over the content in their theaters. Clark Film Buying reestablishes that sense of control for them.

Q8: How does Clark Film Buying facilitate communication and decision-making for the client?

A: Clark Film Buying makes weekly phone calls and sends emails updating our clients on all aspects of the booking process. We are available anytime, even after hours. We also provide a weekly worksheet that the client can use to view upcoming films and make adjustments as needed.

Clark Film Buying does not pay film rental or submit Box Office Reports on behalf of their clients as a general practice. On occasion, we have assisted our clients with the submission of Box Office Reports but we do not have access to their accounts to pay film rental nor do we have them send film rental checks to us. Clark Film Buying does advise theater operators and bookkeeping staff on the terms of these engagements.

Q8a: How is this an asset to the client?

A: The client enjoys more autonomy and authority in their accounting. Any issues that arise from non-payment of film rental are the client’s responsibility. Our clients appreciate this and desire to have more control over their finances.This practice also expedites the booking process.

Clark Film Buying utilizes technology in a way that offers better service and increased communication. Clark Film Buying has an online site that allows access to bookings and invoicing from anywhere.

Q9: Do clients have access to Clark Film Buying’s website?

A: Yes, all Clark Film Buying clients can log into the website and access scores of information including: booking sheets, invoicing, film company payment information, film company scales and sales policies, news and upcoming events. The client will be able to view the same booking sheet as the buyer is while discussing upcoming titles. This is just one more aspect of the service Clark Film Buying is cultivating that enhances our client’s experiences. The new website will also be responsive and mobile-friendly. The client no longer has to wait to get to the office to check bookings as it allows them to access the site anywhere and at anytime.

Q10: How are Film Buyers paid?

A: There are a number of ways a theater owner or manager can hire a film buyer:
  1. A Film Buyer can be an employee of the company that owns or operates movie theaters. They are usually salaried and do not take on clients other than the theater or chain of theaters that they work for.
  2. A Film Buyer can be an independent contractor and be hired by the theater owner or manager directly. As an independent contractor, a film buyer can charge either a flat monthly fee, a flat fee for each booking or screen or a percent of the box office revenue.

Q11: How does Clark Film Buying determine a client’s flat fee?

A: There are many considerations that Clark Film Buying takes into account when determining a new client’s fee. Please contact Clark Film Buying to discuss potential fees and services.