Frequently Asked Questions

Clark Film Buying is a responsive, invested, modern film buying circuit made up of a diverse selection of independent movie theater exhibitors. Our team of film buyers combine a vast knowledge of the industry with technology to unburden movie theater operators and help them succeed in the movie exhibition industry.
Film buyers represent their movie theater exhibitors in negotiations with film distribution companies. They do so by negotiating what films will be played in which theaters, the duration of exhibition and on what terms the film rental will be billed at. Clark Film Buying does this by being informed about all upcoming movies and establishing solid relationships and reputations with film distribution companies.
Clark Film Buying uses the traditional Film Buyer title but all the others still describe our service of booking movies and other content on behalf of movie theaters.
Clark Film Buying offers theater operators a responsive, robust and accessible booking process that utilizes custom tools, marketing guidance, and strategic operations advice. We're invested in your success and want to be an aggressive ally and advisor.
Clark Film Buying has been helping movie theaters manage their movie line ups for several decades. We've done that by staying on top of movie booking trends, modern theater solutions, and insider knowledge from within the film distribution industry. As a movie exhibitor you need the confidence that you are getting the right product at the right time, consistently, so that you are free to focus on other core areas of your movie theater business.
If you have recently acquired ownership or operations of a movie theater or venue, getting movies is your main priority. The first step is to find a film buyer to book the movies for you. Although you can certainly book movies directly with the film distribution companies, many movie theater operators find that the time, logistics and effort can be daunting.
For the most part, no. Although there are some exceptions, Film Buyers are not usually involved in other aspects of theater management, such as: payroll, advertising, marketing, food and beverage service, cleaning, security services, maintenance or banking. 
Clark Film Buying understands though that the film buyer role is changing and our team of film buyers are here to help you gain connections, enhance movie theater operations and book, schedule, and market the movies in your theater. While we don't work in any other aspects of theater management we are able to utilize our movie booking circuit to find the solutions you need in all areas of the movie theater business.
Clark Film Buying books movies that our exhibitors need. That means we book movies ranging from  First Run, Intermediate, Sub Run, Independent, Art and Documentary movies that are available in Theatrical Distribution. Clark Film Buying has also expanded our knowledge and network to include booking alternative content such as fights, concerts, e-sports and other large scale events that can bolster a venue's programing. 
Clark Film Buying works with a diverse circuit of movie theaters consisting of indoor, drive in, arthouse, amusement, dine-in and preferred large format locations. Surprisingly, Clark Film Buying also works with non-theatrical exhibitors such as community centers, churches, bars and restaurants that maybe looking at diversifying their services. Requirements for a venue from our distributors are that the location is permanent and that no part of the facility is mobile. 
Clark Film Buying makes weekly phone calls and sends emails updating our movie theater operators on all aspects of the movie booking process. We are available anytime, even after hours. We also provide a weekly worksheet that the exhibitor or movie theater manager can use to view upcoming bookings and make adjustments as needed.
At Clark Film Buying, we create a relationship with our movie theater owners and managers. We work in an environment in which communication is valued highly and the exhibitor holds the final decision on film bookings. Clark Film Buying’s role is to gather as much information for the exhibitor as possible so that the exhibitor or theater managers is comfortable with all booking decisions. Many movie theater owners come to us feeling that their opinions do not matter and are looking to gain more control over the content in their theaters. Clark Film Buying reestablishes that sense of control for them. We also utilize the latest, intuitive, custom tools to streamline and enhance movie theater operations so exhibitors can concentrate on creating experiences for their audience.
Clark Film Buying exhibitors can log into their own custom built movie theater portal and access scores of information including: booking sheets, invoicing, movie distributor payment information, movie payment scales and sales policies, news and upcoming events and a comprehensive movie database with all the digital marketing assets approved by the distributors. As a Clark Film Buying exhibitor you will be able to view the same booking sheet as your film buyer while discussing upcoming movie booking strategies. This is just one more aspect of the service Clark Film Buying is cultivating that enhances our movie theater operators experiences. Our booking tool is also responsive and mobile-friendly. You will no longer have to wait to get to the office to check your movie bookings as it allows you to access the site anywhere and at anytime.
Costs for film rental are dependent on a number of variables including state the venue is located in, when the content  was played, and the terms negotiated for the licensing of the content. There is not one set amount per film, per showing. Film Rental terms are normally set as a percentage of box office ticket sales vs a minimum guaranteed amount. Please contact Clark FIlm Buying and set up a consultation for more information.
Film Rental is paid directly to the distributor of the content either by way of check, ACH or wire transfer. Distributors do not accept credit card payments. Clark Film Buying does not pay film rental to the distributors on behalf of our exhibitors. 
Exhibitors in return enjoy more autonomy and authority in their accounting. Any issues that arise from non-payment of film rental are the exhibitor's responsibility. Our movie theater owners and managers appreciate this and desire to have more control over their finances. This practice also expedites the booking process.
A Box Office Report is a report on the movie ticket sales for a movie booking. It is limited to a 7 day play week and must account for total number of movie tickets sold each day at each price point. Any applicable taxes are also accounted for. Film Rental is then calculated from the net gross revenue of movie tickets sold, indicated on the report. For an added fee Clark Film Buying will calculate and submit Box Office Reports on behalf of our exhibitors. 
Clark Film Buying has invested in our own proprietary movie theater tools that have the same features and advantages of the accounting software such as Hollywood Software, Exhibitor Management System and others without having to pass on to our partners the huge licensing fees that other film buyers pay to utilize those systems.

We are fully automated and integrated with Comscore, Swift, and Deluxe 
There are a number of ways a movie theater owner or manager can hire a film buyer:

  • A Film Buyer can be an employee of the company that owns or operates movie theaters. They are usually salaried and do not take on clients other than the movie theater or chain of movie theaters that they work for.

  • A Film Buyer can be an independent contractor and be hired by the movie theater owner or manager directly. As an independent contractor, a film buyer can charge either a flat monthly fee, a flat fee for each booking or screen or a percent of the theater's box office revenue.

-Clark Film Buying works on a flat monthly fee model. We have a simple month to month contract. Additional services may require additional fees.
There are many considerations that Clark Film Buying takes into account when determining a monthly fee for a new movie exhibitor. From the number of screens, the number of locations, and the type of booking strategy, Clark Film Buying allows flexibility in our fee structure to accommodate any budge type. Please contact Clark Film Buying to discuss potential fees and booking services.
One sheets are premium movie posters with 27 x 41 dimensions that were standardized at the turn of the 20th century and have been used ever since in lighted poster cases adorning the exterior and interior lobby's of movie theaters. Currently Posters in the One Sheet size are 27 x 40. Distributors create and send out One Sheets to accompany a booking of their film or event. One sheets procured by theaters cannot be duplicated or sold. 
Clark Film Buying offers detailed guides and step by step instructions for ordering posters, one sheets, standees, banners, bus shelters, and promotional give away items. 
For many years movie theaters were delivered reels of 35mm film in canisters that were then placed on platters and shown through the project. Then starting in 2012, 35mm was no longer being produced and the pivot to digital projection began. Now content is delivered on encrypted hard drives called DCPs or Digital Cinema Packages. Content on DCPs can only be unlocked with DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) approved equipment. Currently there is momentum to convert the DCP system to a satellite or internet based download system via networks such as DCDC (Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition), Meta Media, e Cinema, Direct TV, or Proludio. 
All content shown in a movie theater, regardless of admission charges,  movie ticket prices, or how the movie and alternative content is acquired, will need to be licensed from the distributor or rights holder of that content. The distributor will take action against a venue for showing unlicensed content. 
A Film Buyer will help facilitate the licensing process. Clark Film Buying is only willing to work with venues that properly license all of their content.

The first step in the process is to reach out to a Film Buyer and secure booking services. Then, a venue will need to submit signed and notarized paperwork from the distributors, granting the venue license to show the films as well as establishing the rules and regulations and polices around the exhibition of content. 
Access to certain content will be established based on a number of factors including grossing history, ticket prices, location and print counts. 
There are a number of rules and regulations when licensing a movie to be shown in a movie theater or other venue. These rules and regulations stipulate the policies regarding minimum playtime, holdover figures, and showtime policies. A consultation with Clark Film Buying will help navigate the requirements. 
Clark FIlm Buying cannot secure licensing on behalf of movie theaters and other venues that are not in a physical location with distributor approved projection equipment that is permanently affixed to the structure. A ticket system for admission is also a requirement. 
Clark Film Buying is always eager to help distributors find movie theater and other venues for their films. We are also in the process of creating a bold industry program for independent filmmakers to get their projects into venues. Please contact Clark Film Buying to schedule a consultation on our distribution services.
Movie theater booking agents spend their days building connections, speaking with movie theater operators, and promoting various types of movies and content. In short,  working with a movie theater booking agent or film buyer dramatically helps increase the chances of your movie landing on movie theater screens.